Saturday, February 23, 2019
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10 Things Member-Obsessed Organizations Do Differently

While many organizations talk the talk about member engagement, it’s those that walk the talk and are truly “member-obsessed” that are seeing above-average results. So what do member-obsessed companies do differently than most?

Here are the top ten:

  1. They focus on member satisfaction and retention over member acquisition. Member-obsessed organizations don’t obsess over wanting more; they appreciate and take care of what they’ve got, letting the brand advocates drive new member acquisition.
  2. They align organization's strategy with the member experience. Member-obsessed companies don’t just talk the talk on being focused on their customers; they walk the walk.
  3. They are nimble and connected. Member-obsessed companies break down siloes and create seamless member experiences across their emails, events, website.
  4. They use multiple sources of member data to respond in personalized ways and predict next actions. Member-obsessed companies create a relationship of trust. They use data to get to know and show that they know each member, and then they go beyond this to predict and suggest best next actions and and engagements.
  5. They use member intelligence to gain insight at scale that leads to better retention over time. Member-obsessed companies don’t just listen to and solicit feedback; they act upon it and other member information to develop the programs, services and experience their members desire.
  6. They don’t just talk about the member experience; they invest heavily in it. A member-obsessed organization focuses its strategy, its energy and its budget on processes that enhance knowledge of and engagement with members and prioritizes these over maintaining traditional processes.
  7. They recognize that the member journey is unique and almost never a straight line. Member-obsessed companies don’t just deliver on cross-channel service and support; they invest in creating a 360-degree view of the members that reports on their journey and feedback across channels. Then they use this to improve the member’s experience in the future.
  8. They create a connection with the members post-transaction. Member-obsessed organizations focus on member engagement shortly and long after the sale. They communicate proactively and personally in an authentic way, with follow up on service and the customer’s overall experience.
  9. They invest in content creation over advertising. Member-obsessed companies develop and deliver helpful, shareable content rather than pushing promotions and advertising.
  10. They are flexible to individual customer needs and empower their employees. Member-obsessed companies realize that customer service and the customer experience is not one-size-fits all and align their processes and empower their staff to make sure that each customer interaction is personalized and satisfying. Said customer-obsessed Virgin Group Founder Richard Branson in an Entrepreneur magazine interview, “To achieve consistently terrific customer service, you must hire wonderful people who believe in your company’s goals, habitually do better than the norm and who will love their jobs; make sure that their ideas and opinions are heard and respected; then give them the freedom to help and solve problems for your customers.”
  11. Is your organization becoming member-obsessed? Please call ServNet to speak with one of our Customer Success associates and discuss your organization's needs.