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IT Staffing Calculator

Try our IT Staffing Calculator and find out what your business needs.

  • Discover what IT staff are needed and which are under-utilized
  • Compare your company IT department with industry standards
  • Learn what a full IT department costs on yearly basis
  • Realize potential savings with managed services

Employee Cost

We have calculated the cost based on % of each person you need against average US Salaries for these positions. This number is unburdened, and benefits and management of these individuals should be added. This dramatically increases cost!

Staffing Needs

The stark reality is that composition of your IT staff needs are a mix of different skills and experience. You actually need fractions of different people and no one person has all these skills at an affordable salary. Besides, have you tried to hire 1/3 of a person?

Calculate Savings

By using ServNet you not only save on your IT support costs, but you also gain access to IT services formerly reserved only for larger corporations such as true 24/7 support, remote monitoring, and all inclusive IT savings.


Providing maintenance of the computer desktop environment by analyzing requirements, resolving problems, installing hardware and software solutions.

System Engineer

Implement and maintain the organization's servers & infrastructure. Configure and support network devices, security appliances, wireless systems, and LAN/WAN infrastructure.

IT Manager /
Solutions Architect

Oversees all help desk & engineer activities. Implements solutions for IT, cloud, and other business needs. Provides expert support when necessary.

Internet Marketing /
Social Media Specialist

Develop, establish and maintain web marketing strategies to meet organizational objectives. Effective management of the website, marketing, and social media activities of the organization.

Web Designer / Developer

Responsible for the requirements, design, construction, integration, testing, verification, and maintenance of the organizations website.

Software Engineer / DBA

Analyze the needs of users then design, develop, test, deploy and maintain software installations in an organization’s computing environment. Manage databases and integrate solutions for improving business process.

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