Friday, March 22, 2019
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Disaster Recovery

The most advanced Replication Solution available.

  • No equipment to buy
  • Real-Time Replication
  • Administration Protection
  • Mutiple server group management
  • No-Reboot Deployment and Maintenance


Gain real-time replication, automated and push-button failover, fully automated recovery testing, and data rewind (CDP) from disaster recovery services.

Admin Protection

Redundant hardware is a great step however it does not protect you from administration errors. Let us show you how you can with data recovery services.

Lower Cost

There is no need to invest in backup servers, infrastructure or secondary facilities. Disaster recover services allow you to replicate your systems in the cloud.

Why choose ServNet for your Disaster Recovery needs?

Data Recovery Software Allows You to Save

  Typically it is very expensive to set up a disaster recovery remote center for system redundancy. Disaster recovery services include hardware, software, monthly network fees, utilities and facility expenses. All of these expenses can be avoided by using the ServNet cloud for your disaster recovery strategy.

Disaster Recovery Implementation

  There is no more need for a complex implementation of your disaster recovery systems. ServNet will provide all of the tools necessary to quickly build your virtual private cloud data recovery software in a fraction of the time traditionally required.

Advanced Cloud Disaster Recovery Infrastructure

  Our cloud was designed using the latest disaster recovery services technology from Cisco and NetApp and has been nominated for numerous disaster recovery innovation awards. The disaster recovery technology provides for greater data security and end to end performance.

Flexible System Support

  The cloud disaster recovery solution provides support for Windows, Linux and UNIX servers. Disaster recovery services application awareness include Microsoft Exchange, SQL, Oracle, SharePoint, IIS, Dynamics CRM and Blackberry. Custom application support is also easily accomplished.

Instant Quote


“One of the primary reasons for outsourcing our IT with ServNet was to ensure the safety and integrity of our backups in case of a disaster. I can confidently say that I sleep a lot better now knowing that ServNet is handling this essential part of our IT system.”

Donald Zolnosky | General Manager / Chief Operating Officer
Sunnehanna Country Club